The Best Heroku Alternative for Hosting Telegram Bot

Introduction (Best Heroku Alternative):

Welcome to our blog, where we’ll explore the ideal alternative options to Heroku for hosting Telegram bots. As many of you are aware, Heroku’s free service is set to discontinue on November 28th, which will impact numerous bots currently hosted on their platform. To help you navigate this transition, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to finding a suitable alternative.

Finding the Best Alternative:

To begin this journey, open your browser and navigate to a new page. In the video description, you’ll find a link to the best website for hosting Telegram bots. Visit this website and search for various apps that align with your specific requirements.

Choosing the Right Platform:

Upon conducting your search, you’ll encounter a website named “Koyeb.” This platform allows you to host your Telegram bots for free, similar to the way you did on Heroku. Let’s delve deeper into this website to understand its offerings.

Exploring the Website:

Upon landing on the Koyeb website, you’ll notice two types of plans available, each offering distinct benefits. For example, you can deploy multiple bots from a single account. To get started, click on the “Start for Free” option or choose to sign up using your GitHub or email credentials.

Authorization and Access:

After signing up, you’ll need to grant authorization for the website to access your apps. This step enables a seamless connection with your repositories and facilitates the deployment process.

Deploying Your Bot:

Now, you have two methods to deploy your bot. The first involves using Getup, while the second uses Docker images. For simplicity, we recommend deploying through Getup, as it’s relatively straightforward.

Installing Getup and Repository Setup:

Install Getup and ensure that your app can access the repositories. Clone the repository for your bot from Getup and select it within the website’s interface. Choose the branch you prefer and proceed to set up your application configuration.

Configuring Your Bot:

Inside the application configuration, run the commands tailored to your Python bot. These commands are crucial for the successful deployment of your bot on Telegram. Scroll down to add your bot’s environment variables, including the API ID, API token, username, and database channel owner ID.

Scaling and Free Plans:

Continue scrolling to adjust the scaling options for your service, allowing you to allocate workers according to your bot’s requirements. The website offers free plans with varying specifications, such as RAM and disk space. Select the plan that best suits your bot’s needs to ensure it runs smoothly without interruptions.

Why Is Heroku Discontinuing Free Services?

Heroku’s decision to discontinue its free services comes as a result of the platform’s evolving business model. They’ve chosen to focus more on enterprise clients and larger-scale applications. This shift has led to a significant change in their offerings, making it no longer sustainable to maintain free hosting for small-scale projects.

The Impact on Bot Developers:

For bot developers and small-scale projects, this change poses a significant challenge. Many individuals and small businesses relied on Heroku’s free tier to host their Telegram bots and other applications. With this service no longer available, it’s crucial to find an alternative that meets their needs without breaking the bank.

The Koyeb Solution:

Koyeb, the platform we’ve discussed in this blog, offers an ideal solution to the challenges posed by Heroku’s discontinuation. It allows you to continue hosting your Telegram bots without incurring excessive costs. This platform’s focus on convenience and cost-effectiveness makes it a perfect choice for individuals and smaller enterprises.

Easing the Transition:

We understand that transitioning from one platform to another can be daunting. However, Koyeb is designed to ease this transition for you. With its user-friendly interface and similar deployment processes to what you’re accustomed to on Heroku, you’ll find the switch relatively seamless.

Additional Features of Koyeb:

Koyeb offers more than just a replacement for Heroku. It comes with a range of features that can enhance your bot development experience. Some of the features include:

  • Scaling: Koyeb allows you to scale your services to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your bots run smoothly even during peak usage.
  • Diverse Plans: While the free plan has its limitations, Koyeb also provides various paid plans that offer more resources and flexibility. This means you can choose a plan that aligns perfectly with your requirements and budget.
  • One-Click Deployments: The platform simplifies the deployment process, offering one-click deployments for various applications, including popular programming languages and frameworks.
  • Built-in Support: Koyeb offers an active community of developers and users who can provide assistance if you encounter any issues. Additionally, they have detailed documentation to guide you through every step of the deployment process.

Join Our Community:

As you embark on this transition, remember that you’re not alone. Our community is here to support you throughout this process. We encourage you to subscribe to our blog for more informative content and the latest updates. Our Telegram channel is also a valuable resource for staying informed about developments in bot hosting and related topics.

Getting Started:

To get started with Koyeb, follow the steps mentioned in the earlier section of this blog. By hosting your bots on this platform, you can continue providing excellent functionalities to your users without disruptions, and you’ll be well-prepared for Heroku’s service discontinuation.

Exploring the Koyeb Interface:

Now, let’s delve a bit deeper into the Koyeb platform. Understanding the interface and its features can help you make the most out of this Heroku alternative.


Upon signing up and logging in to Koyeb, you’ll find a user-friendly dashboard. This dashboard gives you an overview of your hosted applications, usage statistics, and any important updates. It’s the central hub from which you can manage your applications and services.

Service Management:

Koyeb’s service management is designed to be intuitive. Once you’ve added your bot application, you can configure it easily using Koyeb’s streamlined interface. For those familiar with Heroku, many of the processes will feel similar, making the transition smoother.

Scaling Your Bots:

One of the key advantages of Koyeb is its scalability. Depending on your requirements and usage patterns, you can adjust your services with just a few clicks. Whether you need to increase the capacity during peak times or reduce it during quieter periods, Koyeb allows you to make these adjustments without hassle.

Monitoring and Analytics:

Koyeb also provides a range of monitoring and analytics tools. Keeping an eye on your bot’s performance and resource consumption is essential for ensuring a smooth user experience. Koyeb’s built-in tools can help you monitor everything from CPU and memory usage to network activity.

Data Backups:

Data security and backups are paramount. Koyeb offers data backup and restoration options to safeguard your important data. Regular backups can protect your bot’s data from potential data loss scenarios.

User Community:

Koyeb boasts an active user community. If you ever run into issues or have questions about using the platform, you can rely on the community for support. Whether it’s a technical issue or a general query, the collective knowledge within the community can be invaluable.

Further Integrations:

Koyeb offers integration with various cloud providers, databases, and external services. This means you can easily connect your bot with external resources, ensuring a seamless experience for your users.

Migrating from Heroku:

If you’re worried about the process of migrating your bots from Heroku to Koyeb, don’t be. Koyeb offers resources to guide you through this transition. From step-by-step guides to migration tools, they aim to make the process as smooth as possible.

Making the Most of Koyeb:

Now that you’re familiar with Koyeb’s interface and key features, it’s time to explore how you can make the most of this versatile platform.

Automation and Custom Workflows:

Koyeb simplifies the process of managing and automating workflows. You can create custom workflows that streamline your bot deployment and maintenance. These workflows can be designed to trigger automatically based on specific events or schedules. For instance, you can set up automated daily backups or scale your bot resources based on the time of day or user activity.

High Availability:

Ensuring the high availability of your bots is crucial. Koyeb offers features like load balancing and automatic failover, which are particularly valuable for applications with high uptime requirements. You can distribute your bot across multiple regions for redundancy, reducing the risk of downtime and enhancing the user experience.

Advanced Networking and Security:

Koyeb provides advanced networking and security options. For example, you can configure custom domains and SSL certificates, securing your bot’s communications. Furthermore, you can implement security groups and access control policies to restrict access to your bot’s resources and data. These features are critical for safeguarding your bot and user data.

Database Integration:

If your bot relies on databases, Koyeb offers seamless integration with popular database services. Whether you need a relational database or a NoSQL solution, you can easily connect your bot to the appropriate database service to store and retrieve data efficiently.

Containerized Deployments:

Koyeb supports containerized deployments, which is especially advantageous for developers who prefer to work with Docker containers. You can build your bot in a container and deploy it on Koyeb’s platform. This containerization ensures that your bot’s environment remains consistent and portable.

Custom Metrics and Monitoring:

While Koyeb provides built-in monitoring, it also allows you to define custom metrics specific to your bot’s performance and functionality. You can set up alerts that notify you when certain conditions are met, ensuring that you’re aware of any issues as they arise.

Building for the Future:

As you transition your bots from Heroku to Koyeb, it’s an opportunity to optimize and enhance your applications. You can take advantage of Koyeb’s extensive feature set to not only replicate your existing bot but to make it more resilient, performant, and feature-rich.

Support and Documentation:

Koyeb has an extensive knowledge base and documentation that can help you navigate any challenges or customization needs you may encounter. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, you’ll find valuable resources to support your journey.


In conclusion, the transition from Heroku to Koyeb is an opportunity to elevate your bot hosting experience. Koyeb’s powerful features, scalability, and automation capabilities make it an ideal choice for developers looking for an alternative to Heroku’s free services.

While Heroku’s change in business strategy may have posed challenges, Koyeb offers a robust solution that caters to the needs of bot developers and small-scale projects. Its ability to ensure high availability, optimize security, and offer containerization and custom workflows makes it a versatile platform for all your bot hosting requirements.

As you embark on this transition, remember that you have a supportive community and extensive documentation to rely on. The Koyeb community is ready to help you navigate any hurdles and ensure a smooth migration.

Resources and Further Reading

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